Specialist in printed and unprinted packaging films

Packaging Partners: We pack your brand!

Packaging Partners supplies a huge range of printed and unprinted packaging film for the food and non-food sectors. Thanks to our years of experience, we can offer you the perfect solution to practically any packaging issue you can throw at us. To do this, we use state of the art production processes and high-quality printing techniques.

Would you like us to advise or guide you in your packaging process? We can advise and assist you throughout the entire process from design to end product.

Packaging Partners vision

Open and transparent communication !

The world around us is constantly changing. Sales and purchasing processes now take place in the blink of an eye, and digital communication and the internet are here to stay. Speed is now crucial and it is vital that companies can immediately anticipate supply and demand. We maintain rapid communication links and strive to respond to all requests for quotations within 48 hours. If this is not possible, we'll always let you know. In addition, if anything changes or goes wrong during the process, we will inform you very quickly. This ensures you won't receive any nasty surprises.

Thanks to our partners' efficient working methods, we can offer a suitable price proposal for the level of quality you require. In addition, we can use our experience and expertise to offer effective and cost-efficient alternatives. The increasing improvement in production technology opens up a whole world of opportunities. Thick and expensive packaging is not necessarily the best, so just think of how much you can save on materials. This benefits everyone: manufacturer, consumers, environment and government.

Flexibility and rapid delivery times are important themes to us. Ever-changing product specifications, new ingredients/designs and ever-smaller print runs are resulting in shorter and shorter delivery times. Packaging Partners' ability to handle the entire process in-house significantly shortens our delivery times.

Therefore you choose Packaging Partners!

  • Unique knowledge and experience of all packaging processes.
  • A complete and unique range of packaging films under one roof.
  • Print runs starting at 1,000 metres are possible with short delivery times for both printed and unprinted packaging films.
  • Choose from a range of innovative and high-quality printing techniques.
  • Extremely low print-preparation costs.
  • Clear price agreements and predictable costs.
  • Transparent working method and open communication.


Packaging Partners supports a variety of good causes.

The Suvadra Foundation | Helping every child

The Suvadra Foundation provides assistance to handicapped children in Nepal. Suvadra offers these children educational opportunities and medical aids in order to bring a ray of sunshine into their lives.

Annual Christmas donation

Every year, during the festive season, Packaging Partners supports a number charities that do good work for society and the community. In 2017, we donated to KidzBase. This charity helps children that no longer can grow up in their own familiy due to a disturbed home situation. With small projects they want the children to feel special.

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